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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Felt by Meter (hard n thin)


Felt by meter.

12 colors for the time being.

from top:
- white
- black
- blue black
- red - SOLD OUT
- (turquoise?) ..soft blue to green.. i'll confirm it later..sorry..hehe

i think the upper photo is the real color..
from top:
- hot pink
- maroon
- light green
- light purple (1st picture is the real color)
- purple
- brown
- yellow
- light blue ( 2nd picture is the real color)

black, white, red, hot pink and brown are polyester felt, Others i'm not sure, more soft but not to soft like the felt in Felt Pack. Still suitable to make any alphabet.

Anybody want a FREE sample for this kind of felt, just email or SMS me your address.

The price are definitely amazing..

1 meter(100cm x 84cm) =RM13.00

1/2 meter(50cm x 84cm)=RM7.00

1/4 meter(50cm x 42cm)=RM3.50

1/8 meter(25cm x 42cm)=RM1.80

YM me for quick response. Thank you.


Dydan said...

nie.. kain ka??
boleh buat pencil case tak??

ASMA said...

kain felt.

poly felt plg bes buat pensel case.
tp sy pnh try pakai jenis ni jugak. pd sy OK jugak..yg ni xtau jenis apa. mcm antara poly dan wool..hehe

Dydan said...

kakak ada jual kain mcm tu ke???

ASMA said...

akk jual pressed wool dgn jenis atas ni je. poly x jual. boleh try jenis ni..beli la yg 1/8meter, RM1.80 je, besar jugak..blh sgt buat pensel case..

Yuzaina Yusoff said...

Ada lagi tak stok yang ni. Kalau ada, nak order berkaler-kaler and bermeter-meter..

ASMA said...

ada sikit je lg..

stok xde..


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