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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pre-Order: VELBOA


Velboa for pre-order.
From 23 February 2011 to 3 March 2011.

Velboa is a specific type of faux fur (fake fur) that is described as a soft and durable short pile textile. You can imagine it as a cross between fluffy fur and velvet. Primarily because of its durability and softness, it is often used in stuffed toys, blankets, baby clothes, costumes, and other craft items. [copy form here, click to read more..]

Some examples of items that can be produced using velboa fabric:

22 colors available.

The colors name are in Bahasa Melayu+ hehe..(refer to supplier)

1. Biru Dolphin
2. Biru Doraemon
3. Biru Laut
4. Biru BCA (dark blue)
5. Coklat Gold
6. Coklat Terang
7. Coklat Muda
8. Cream
9. Kuning Tweety
10.Kuning Pooh
11. Merah
12. Orange Stabilo
13. Orange Biasa
14. Pink Fanta
15. Pink Stabilo
16. Pink Dogger
17. Baby Pink
18. Ungu Barney
19. Hijau Stabilo
20. Hijau Daun
21. Hitam
22. Putih

Stock available, from top, hitam, ungu barney, pink dogger, biru laut, kuning pooh and hijau stabilo.
- all colors SOLD OUT! pre-order please..hehe

Stock available only a few pieces. So, better order now..

1 1/2 meter (150x80cm) = RM25.50
1 meter(100x80cm) = RM18.00
1/2 meter (50x80cm) = RM9.00
1/4 meter (50x40cm) = RM5.00

You have to pay at least 50% from your total order price. Pay the rest of the items price when the items are ready (around mid-March). No return deposit if you cancel your order.

Anything to ask or order, email, SMS or YM me. You can also chat with me using the yahoo pingbox at the right side of this blog.


Nut Yaa said...

macam mana nak wat pre-order nieh yer?

ASMA said...

isi order form ye. esok last order n bayar deposit.

Nut Yaa said...

ada minimum order ke?

ASMA said...


Zampeada said...

tu dia biru doremon!

Aniza Jamil said...

Boleh tunjukkan colour pink fanta stabilo doger n baby pink??. Sbb nk beli lah slah satu clour.. bidang 60" ada tak.. berapa ye. N mcm mana nk ordee


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