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Monday, April 4, 2011

Velboa: 2nd pre-order and Fabric Paint


Velboa. Pre-order until 11 April 2011. For velboa description and example products, click here.
23 colors available (new color, kelabu)

(biru laut out of stock)Special Price for Pre-order ONLY!

1 1/2 meter (150x80cm) = RM25.50
1 meter(100x80cm) = RM18.00
1/2 meter (50x80cm) = RM9.00
1/4 meter (50x40cm) = RM5.00

The price for ready stock:
1 1/2 meter (150x80cm) = RM28.00
1 meter(100x80cm) = RM20.00
1/2 meter (50x80cm) = RM10.50
1/4 meter (50x40cm) = RM6.00

Fabric Paint


Buy 1 set (10 colors) for RM25.00 and you will get 1 free (dark brown - suitable for making chocolate rice for doughnut/ice-cream toppings) - dark brown color is not for sale..

Fill in the order form. Then, you have to pay at least 50% from your total order price. Pay the rest of the items price when the items are ready (around end April to early May). No return deposit if you cancel your order.

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